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Rodney Hollinshed

Uncle Tom in Hillary Clintons Kitchen!

Rodney Hollinshed

Tavis is the star of driving Ms. Daisy but Hillary Clinton is the one riding in the back seat!

Gerald Cole

It is unfortunate Mr. Obama could not make it, but one should be able to appreciate his reason. He has a message that needs to be spread around the country, and I am thankful to see him doing that. I understand Mr. Smiley's choice not to have Mrs. Obama speak if the plans were for a candidate debate, she's not a candidate. But, I do feel that it was a mistake to say having Mrs. Obama speak (not debate) was inappropriate because she is a classy, articulate, and educated Black Woman that has much influence. As far as Mr. Smiley backing Mrs. Clinton, that is his choice. Let us not forget our 1st Amendment, FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. I am a supporter for Mr. Obama, but I can understand why someone would support Mrs. Clinton. Let us stop bashing these great people and figure out which one would be the better President by voting.

Rational Thinker

Before we as a group can move forward, we must understand it is ok to disagree.
The idea that people would hate Tavis because of his thoughts on this issue is sad. Each of us has been blessed with the ability to think, but most of us just follow the crowd. Tavis has decided to throw his support behind Senator Clinton; I do not agree with him, but I will defend his right to do so.
Tavis is one of the few leaders of the Black community that I will read, watch, or listen to that always gives me something to think about and discuss later. As a critical thinker, I want to think before I act, and I would hope we all process information this way. but it is clear this is not the case. It is OK to disagree.
I wonder how many of you have ever really listened to Tavis outside of TJMS or BM. The man is a mental giant. I would ask tavis to continue speaking his mind and realize some of us will figure it out later.


Tavis Smiley might mean well, but I'm not impressed by him and never have been. His commentary and state of the black union forum does nothing to change things for black people. What is he trying to do? What kind of help do the black people in need of help get after his state of the union forum? His plate might be full, however, the bottom line is he couldn't take the heat about what black people are saying regarding his downing Barack Obama. Personally, I don't think it was necessary for Obama to attend the forum or participate in the MLK 40 anniversary death proceedings. Again, I will ask what benefit did these things have to the average black person in need. Tavis needs to go some place "right quick" and sit down and stop using the word folk and replace it with people. Personally, I prefer not to listen to him

Rhonda Williams

Everyone is entitled to his or here own opinion and freedom of speech. It is really fair to hate someone because of his or her personal opinion ? I personally feel that if Obama was not in the runnning for president Black America would be on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon. I mean who else would we vote for John McCain ? Think about it.

stephen corbitt

Damn Nupe u fucked up.


tavis is the crab in the bucket we been waiting 4 ever to get another leader and now look at this clarence thomas take him behind the barn.

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