this is very sad not only for miley, but to all the young girls who look up to her. unfortuntely,degrading women has become the norm in our culture. should we wonder why things have gotten so out of control.


eewwwwww!!1 isnt that child exploitation?!


Miley is totaly a slut i hate her and she wont even go to 17 without getting pregnant i know it me and my friends have a bet on it and as far as i concerned we're all right


yo wats up this is all so hot


i think miley Cyrus is going to end up just like Britney spears. miley had respect from me until the pictures came out.i understood the vanity fair pictures but theses are just too much for a role model for young girls to have on the internet.


This is all getting a bit ridiculous Miley is very talented and a beautiful young woman, yes woman, everyone wants to dis her but she is doing things that are normal for being 15. The fakes that are taking these pics posing as miley, Where are your parents at? The thing is young stars come out when they are so young that everyone gets used to it well guess what people grow up women grow up!!! Sexuality is normal and if you dont like your 9 years olds seeing these pics parents why dont you control your kids and keep them off line!!!!


wow i didn't think Miley Cyrus would actually put her scanky pics on the
internet. i really thought she was a good person
with a good voice but now i don't feel what i once
i felt about her but and now i won't
support her in any kind of way because so sad how the young ones looked up to her as a role model =)
but now that girl needs physical therapy and some prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
""ya think""


I Don't think the ones of the girl cuddling on the guy are her. lt is a girl who probably sometimes looks like her. the one where the girl in black doesnt look anything like her. and the one of the girl on the hello kitty, same deal. just girls looking for a few minutes in the spotlight.

nick jonas

listen guys its nick jonas sometime miley can be out there but i luv her like a sister the girl cuddling with the guy and the girl in the bath tub is not her ether so stop dissin her plz!
thx guys


i think that the fame is not everything, sometimes they are just trying to get the atention of the people, sometimes thta's just the way they are and they can't hide that for long. that's too bad because i really like them both, miley and vanessa, and I just hope they learn from their mistakes


omg, those pics are so not a big deal? What is everyone so up in arms about? Geez, Amerikkka GROW UP. It's so embarrassing being an Amerikkkan sometimes.

1) NUDITY is not sinful or disgusting. It's the way you come into this world!

2) Why is exploring ones sexuality seen as bad? All the teenagers reading this- SEX FEELS GOOD! SEX IS FUN! that is the truth. The reason adults warn you about it, is because all that good feeling and fun comes with responsibility and consequences that young people- who are horny all the time by natures design, just can't handle. THAT IS THE TRUTH. Adults feel like the best way to keep you from making mistakes is to train yu to think that it's skanky and bad. Think for yourself and ask yourself "why?"

3) SHES NOT EVEN NAKED!!!! The pics displayed here) are not even racey? Is everyone laying on a beach in their bathing suites being "racey"?

Come on people- think for yourselves. If you still have a problem with it, that's fine. But don't let them tell you that this- this NOTHING- is some how weird, or wrong.


Picture number 1 - obv isnt miley doesnt look anything like her.

Picture number 2 and 3 - have the same hair as her but dont have the same face as her. her body is to long to be hers either.

Picture number 4 and 5 - is miley 5 not sure but girls at my school do stuff like that all the time, just trying to look cool for the photo.nothing wrong with that. And what is rong with a girl getting into a bikini... holy god...

Picture number 6 - Photoshoped, elbows dont bend backwards.

Picture number 7 - She is older them miley. I saw that photo last year i think this is Vanessa Hudgens.

Picture number 8 - That is vanessa Hudgens for those who dont read the words around the pictures...

the new picture of her in a towel was discussed with her mom and dad and was not ment to be


wtf is her problem!!!!!!!!!


pues ahi tienen lo q querian ver lo q en realidad es miley una fox and bitch.....etc
isi se ubiese sacado con un chico mas lindo osea xlo menos deberia tener buen gusto.las proximas fotos van aser iguales q las de vannesa asi solo de jen q pase el tiempo i luego les pida una disculpas a sus fan idiotas los q siguen creyendo en esa foxxxxxxxxpobres ilusos


im a huge fan of miley cyrus. and i honestly dont think that any of these pictures are bad. Who cares if she shows her bra in pictures. we all have pictures of cleveage, or our bra's showing. Maybe she wanted too show her bra. maybe its not supossed to be slutty. because it most deffentially is NOT slutty. Whoreish or whatever you want too call it. And who cares if shes cuddling with a guy in her bra. 1. it dont even look like her. and 2. its not like youve never hugged someone while in a bathing suit before. Its just like that. And whats wrong with cuddling with a guy? Alot of people have pictures of two people kissing, and thats not slutty. so neither is cuddling with a guy. And the bathtub picture, there is absolutly nothing wrong with it at all. its three teenagers having fun, and you can SEE there bathing suits. its not like they are advertising themselves. Its ridiciolus. Theres NOTHING wrong with these pictures.


miley ur turn into a very bad person those pics are bad and hal of them you took yourself you can tell and all those little kids that look up to you pro dont any more! i use to love you not that way i still do but not as much because of those pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry mil


some of the pics dont look lki miley she really pretty n i dont think she'll ever do things like these. Evryone has diff. life n if u dont believe me then stare at the pics and notice how some r not really her.

Chelsie Engel

~Miley Cyrus is still the bam digite, 7 isn't her look at the face it's Christina Milian, 8 is Vanessa Hudgens striping to zac they copied it and posted it.Miley Cyrus is the best celebrity to ever hit the news, fans hang in there, stand by Miley's side, luv ya Miley!~

Chelsie Engel

~Miley Cyrus is still the bam digite, 7 isn't her look at the face it's Christina Milian, 8 is Vanessa Hudgens striping to zac they copied it and posted it.Miley Cyrus is the best celebrity to ever hit the news, fans hang in there, stand by Miley's side, luv ya Miley!~


You are turning into Brittany Spears next she will shave her head. I can't belive she did this. My little brother 6 years old knows all your songs and every word and made up a dance for them and when I told him he never wanted to listen to her music but he wants to but he dosn't like her personly anymore



Gee Chuck

Some of these pic don't even look like her!! But if it is, she is just trowing away her life. Now I can understand one or two jokes of herself on the web but it it continues, then it's kind of sad. I mean she is very talented and she has a lontg way to go. and whoever sed she is goin to turn out like Britany Speirs, or however u spell it, it wouldn't go that far
P.S. nick jonas, if it is realy u, y r u looking up pic of miley


seriously, teenage girls do stuff like this all the time. miley made a mistake... we cant expect her to be perfect. no one is. yeah, she's an idol to most young girls but this kind of stuff happens. i think this is getting way out of control and people are being hypocritical. personally, i love her still.

there is no need to call her a slut because of this. shes a good girl, yes these pictures made her look sorta "sketchy" but this shouldn't be held aginst her. i think she's learned her lesson.


oh my fucking god,
you people need 2 get a grip there are bigger things happening int he world she a teen ager for crist sake that wat they do not that i think its her anyways.
who cares if she ontop of a guy shes not gonna get boy germs or anything, im turning 15 this year and ive done fuckloads worse han that.
so wat she took a few picters BIG DEAL

and if these so calld little kids are look up to her they will be 2 youbg 2 read magasines like womand day and stuff liek that and theyd nt spend there tim elooking for random crap about famous on the inter net so how are they eva gonna find out its not like its gonna be on teh new, i mean OMG her bikins you down 2 the beach youll see more ass than that. omg her underware so wat basically the same as bikins just you dnt wear them in teh water. who cares. and with the sheet pic big deal she had a sheet wraped around her, get the fuck ova it.
she probz has underware on under it anyways and probz not a bra but who cares there just another part of the body.

and maybe if you phyco people didnt stalk people like her so mutch they woodnt be driven 2 do stupid shit like that.

you go up 2 any well between 14-16 year old and most of them probz hav had sex b4 anyways.

so clearly this is no big deal. y worrie about crap like this wen there are bigger issuses in the world like wars and stufff.

seriously i dnt think this is a big deal but if you do then thats your oppinion.



whoever u saying these are photoshopped is a RETARD!! e.b, num. 6 is fuckin obvously her damn arm. and i think miley is going down Lindsay Lohan road nd Paris Hilton ave. SO FUCK u ppl who thinks she is still a good person and everyhing she did was a mistake. she did this bc she's a whoree

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